Lisa Corti- Shopping Bag

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The Lisa Corti Shopping Bag is a classical addition for functionality and style. Crafted from 100% cotton, the essential shopping bag is a large, comfortable size to carry your essentials and more making it your perfect versatile accessory for the city, or on the beach. Adorn with a heritage floral print with a dose of modern this Shopping Bag is the epitome of Lisa Corti signature style.
Block printed by hand the Small Corolla design is a decadent take on sumptuous flower, the Corolla. This design brings to life the painterly techniques that are more expressive with their flowering buds. Intricately detailed, the Corolla block print has become an iconic design for Lisa Corti.
Contrast details are meaningfully interwoven and crafted across Lisa Corti pieces in order to create unique styles as well as to repurpose unused leftovers by artisans. This way Lisa Corti's ready-to-wear pieces are layered with surprises for a delightful touch.